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How to Recover Data from a Water Damaged iPhone?

by Zayne Oliver
How to Recover Data from a Water Damaged iPhone?

When the iPhone drops in the water, the Apple user complains of the dead home button, camera damage, and loss of data, when your mobile phone comes with water damage. The older generation of the iPhone are not protected with the water damage. If you are still using iPhone 6 or the older version. You can lose your photos, contacts and most important chat. If your phone comes across water. 

After the release of the iPhone 7, the iPhone should be water and dust resistant.


Can an iPhone be repaired in the water?

It is an ultimate guide to recover the iPhone from the water damaged devices. It covers the following:


How to Recover your Water Dropped iPhone:

  • Remove the IOS devices from the water as soon as possible. 
  • Power off your mobile phone by pressing and holding the power button ( The recovery chances are increased, If you turn off your mobile rapidly) 
  •  Remove the case, if it is on the phone.
  • Remove the Sim Card and Sim Tray from the iPhone.
  • Use a dry and absorbent cloth to get the moisture out of the iPhone. 

     Signs of iPhone Dropped in the Water: 

     When your iPhone dropped in the water, you face some problem.

     Power and starts- up problem:

     Your mobile fails to turn on the device. It restarts immediately, when you turn it on. You will see that the iPhone is struck with the iPhone screen, hardware failure of hardware, or malfunctioning of the iPhone speaker or Microphone is not working properly. Sometimes, the IOS devices become overheated. 


    Warning Messages:

    If you are using the IOS device, you may get one or more error messages, “ This accessory is  not designed to work with iPhone” or “charging is not supported with iPhone, application problem. Email and some apps are opening and closing without any reason. 


    Water Damage Indicator from the iPhone:

    Every New series of the iPhone comes with the Liquid Contact indicator. The liquid contact indicator (LCI) checked that your IOS data is in danger. If you see a red dot appear, it means your device is exposed to the water. If the Red Dot does not appear, then your device is working properly. 




    What do  you do when your iPhone is Damaged by water?

    Don’t Press any Button: 

    Don’t press any button,  by pressing the button push more water inside the phone. 

    If your Mobile phone is still one, your Mobile Phone may short circuit. 


    Don’t switch on the Mobile phone: 

    Don’t switch on the Mobile phone. Because of the water, you may short circuit the electric components. 


    Don’t Shake your Mobile Phone:

    The shaking of the phone forces it to put the water inside the water and may close the circuit. It was better to avoid it. 


    Don’t Use the Hair- dryer: 

    The heat comes from the hair dryer, that causes the additional damage, it also affects the glue that is used in the Phone. 

    Don’t use the Drying tools, such as electric oven, and hot guns. 


    Don’t put your iPhone in uncooked Rice: 

    The little particles enter the iPhone body. It also increases the damage. The rice particles soak up the moisturizer and expand up to 4 times in their size. It causes more damage. 


     How to save your Data from a Water Damaged Phone: 

    • If your Mobile phone is totally dead, there is still a hope, you can recover the data from the existing iTunes or iCloud Backup. The user can transfer the data to the new Mobile phone. You just want to recover the data.

      The Data Recovery Process for water damaged iPhone: 

      • Follow the steps below to recover  the water damaged phone, even if you lost your iPhone. This procedure applies, If you want to recover the data from the broken iPhone
      • Just download the iPhone Back- up extractor for the Window or macOS  and install it.
      • All Done.

        Connect your iPhone with the PC and have a Scan:

        You must install the Dr.Fone on your computer, and run the program, you will see the main window, you can attach your iPhone and click on the Data Recovery option, simply click on the start button and go to the Scanning option.


        Recover the Data from the third Party Application:

        If you are unable to restore the photos from the iCloud and iTunes, or the backup files are deleted. You can opt for the Third-party application to recover the photos and video from the water damaged iPhone. The data recovery software is also available in the market. It is recommended to pick the right one and choose the secure and trusted tool. These tools are specially designed for IOS devices.

        Read More:


        iPhone Data Recovery Software by Stellar:

        It is one of the commonly used data recovery software Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone. It is easy to use the user interface. It is the popular choice.

        If your iPhone is synchronized with the iCloud and iTunes backup.  You can also retrieve the lost photos and videos from the water damaged iPhone. In certain situations, your iPhone is detected by the system. The software offers two ways of recovering photos and videos.

        1.       Recovery from the iCloud Backup:
        2.       Recover from the iTunes Backup:




          Recovery from the iCloud Backup:

          •   Firstly, you install and Run Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone and select the option “ Run from the iCloud Backup”  and choose from the Main Menu.
          • Add the Apple ID and password to Sign in to the iCloud.
          • After adding the credentials, the software will help to display the backup files, you can select the desired files and click on the Scan.
          • You can preview the selected files, and press the option Save. Now, you can easily recover the photos and videos at the desired location.

            Recover the Data from the iTunes Back- up:

            • Just select “Recover from the iTunes Backup”, the options have appeared on the main screen.
            •  The software displays all the iTunes Backup files. You can just take the Tree view. You can select the files from the categories, which files you want to recover for the Videos and photos. You will see the list of all the files under the category.
            •  You can just preview the existing and deleted files.
            • Click on the Save Button to recover the files. You can either choose to save a Few files by selecting the checkboxes.

            Note: Protect your IOS devices by using Waterproof cases.

            If you want to protect your devices from the water damaged in the future use, it is recommended to use a Water- proof case. It will stop getting the water in the phone. 

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