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About US

TechPro is the most reliable and trustworthy wholesale dealer and distributor in Mobile phone parts and accessories. In the UK, the company builds up a trustworthy and reliable position in the UK market. The company sells premium quality Mobile phone accessories and parts, including Samsung, Huawei, iPhone, iPod screen and digitizer, Mobile phone parts, cases and covers, and computer accessories. Our company offers premium quality cell phone accessories and parts. The company provides repair services around the world. Our main headquarter is located at 967 Romford Road, Monor Park, London. It is run and operated by the managing Director Simon. Our team is highly dedicated, well trained. Our team is fully aware of the product knowledge and facilitates the customers with the best service. We resolve the customer’s queries at the priority and guide the customers in every possible way

About You

If your mobile phone becomes out of functioning, such as a broken screen and speaker is not working or facing another issue. You can buy mobile phone parts at competitive prices and replace them yourself. It had better repair by the technicians, but you can also do it yourself by watching the videos or reading the blog. We are always here to provide technical help. Before purchasing the Mobile phone parts, you should make sure that every feature is compatible with the model and order the suitable component. Our team is dedicated and helps out our old and new customers; we are ready to help you in every way. We provide the services of the significant part and offer expert advice. You can also take help from expert technicians. We are available around the clock and ready to help you in every way. If you find any difficulty during the installation of the repairing iPhone parts, our technician guides you. You can directly contact the customer support team, and you can take expert advice. We are here to help you. The customers ask the most questions; we provide you best quality products

What makes you different from TechPro?

TechPro provides the best source to get high-quality Mobile phone parts and accessories. The correct information of the products is also provided for the convenience of the people. But it would be best if you made sure we do not sell out the Standard A or B products. We maintain the quality of the products. We never compromised on the quality of the products We are repairing the mobile phones at the most reasonable prices. All Mobile phone parts are tested before dispatch. The defective parts are not only spoiling the customer experience but also spoiling the company name. Our company does not compromise on the quality of the products. If the customer finds any faulty product, we offer Money Back Guarantee. We feel proud to deliver excellent customer service.

What Makes TechPro Different?

Quality of the products, warranty, delivery and customer service.

TechPro is the best source that delivers high quality Mobile phone parts and accessories.we fulfill all the customers needs according to their requirements. All the products have been individually tested, and save the customers money. So, people can easily trust the products. As far as the product delivery methods. The company uses a wide range of services Such as Royal MailDHL and DPD. The are multiple reasons to choose from, If the customers purchase a certain amount, the user is facilitated with special discounts. The company offers free delivery on the orders. The user can check out the main page and get all the details. The company also provides multiple deals on special days. So, you can save money on Bulk buying. We are always here to help you out according to the customers’ needs and requirements. The user can easily make a direct call or contact via Email. Our expert team provides the right information about the products. Before placing an order, you must choose the correct part and should be compatible with the model. You can discuss with the technicians and resolve the tricky fixes. The customers can purchase the products in both ways. We facilitate walk-in customers and online customers. One to one advice is also given to the walk-in customers. We publish the relevant guides and youtube videos. The reliable principles are used for further assistance.

How TechPro helps you:

We feel pride in running out all the systems in a smooth way. Our company offers a vast range of products. The main aim of our company is to provide premium quality products at wholesale prices. TechPro is a large engagement to the wholesalers, suppliers and distributors. Our company has a vast number of years experience in selling out the mobile phone parts and accessories. So, we feel more confident to answer every customer query, and technical issues will be resolved. If you want to get the best advice, our customers will get in touch with us.

Where is TechPro

TechPro is located in the heart of 967 Romford Road, Monor Park, London. You can also facilitate the walk-repair services and trade counter for those who prefer to collect and pay their orders in person.

Trustworthy Relationship:

Our company develops a trustworthy relationship with the customers because of the supply of the quality products. We create a long-lasting relationship with the customer. We are proud to be the trusted brand around. The company builds a trustworthy and reliable market. We are pleased to be the trusted brands throughout the UK and Europe. TechPro makes collaboration with the trusted brand’s Tech Mate. And many more.

Fast delivery Process:

Suppose you want to get Next day delivery. The company serves both Retail and wholesale dealers. The shipping proves faster as compared to the other company.

Payment Process:

The payment is relatively easy and straightforward. Users can send the money by using PayPal. You can choose the suitable methods according to your convenience.

All the mobile phone parts and accessories are available at the one-stop-shop. Electronics and gadgets make your life much easier. You can shop for the kitchen and home appliances such as Wi-Fi camera, smoke alarms, heater, and WIFI router, Techpro is No 1 place to sell out Mobile phone parts and accessories.All cell phones parts and accessories obtainable at one stop shop.